Smart Council Maps

In recent weeks and months I have issued a few brickbats to the Thames Coromandel District Council but this week it is time for a bouquet. The Council has done an excellent job with its Smart Maps Portal on their website.

A range of maps is available including Property Information, Planning Building and Resource consents, (some but not all) Hazards, and Civil Defence information including tsunami hazard zones. Have a look – it’s really worth having a look around and seeing what is available.

maps avail

The maps are very easy to use either by zooming in or out, or typing in a property address. Other information includes the location of Parks and Reserves, Walking Tracks and other facilities – even Location, Plot, and Burial details of Council managed cemeteries.

There is also the facility to print your search out, and even measure distances on the maps.

This is a great initiative and with the ease of use, must result in a reduction of phone and personal enquiries at council offices.

Unrelated to these maps, but there is a problem with the Council websites search engine. Over the years I’ve tried many different search requests and almost invariably you come up with dozens of totally unrelated links and information, but not the specific information you are seeking. This is frustrating and needs to be fixed. In the age of very accurate searching on Google surely this is possible?