Campaign on Sea Change for the Hauraki Gulf

Forest and Bird are leading a major campaign to persuade the Government to implement the Sea Change report. F&B have a petition to get action on the Report, rather than letting it sitting on the shelf gathering dust.  They have received lots of support at a recent boat show.

From their website..

Our precious Hauraki Gulf is in trouble

“Waters that once shimmered with vast schools of trevally and snapper, and reefs that bristled with crayfish, are now overfished.

Bottom trawling continues to destroy the seabed, leaving behind an underwater desert.

Every time it rains, sewage, heavy metals and mud flow into the gulf from our cities, farms, and industries, making it unswimmable for humans and increasingly harmful to the wildlife that lives in it.

 With a rapidly growing population, we urgently need better ways of managing our impact on the marine environment.”

Australasian gannet taking off

The good news is we already know what to do. There is a plan to restore the life and health of the Gulf. It’s called Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari. Forest & Bird is going to make sure the Sea Change plan is turned into action, but we can’t do it alone. We need your voice.

The Sea Change plan is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It addresses the range of issues facing the Hauraki Gulf, including the need to improve water quality, better manage our fishing and protect our marine environment. It’s the product of many voices, including mana whenua, fishing, conservation and community.

Together, we must persuade the Government to put Sea Change into action, now.

The Sea Change for the Hauraki Gulf campaign had an awesome response at the recent Hutchwilco Boat Show. Over 800 people signed on to tell the Government to rebuild the health of the Hauraki Gulf. Volunteers found much common ground with boaties and fishers, and a strong willingness to engage.

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