Beach Suffers Illegal Groyne Injury

An article in the Mercury Bay Informer reports (P.7 ) that an un-consented groyne has been erected on the beach at Flaxmill Bay.

groyne Flaxmill Bay
Mercury Bay Informer

It appears from the article that whilst the TCDC (and Regional Council) are aware of the illegal groyne, they have not taken any action to require the illegal structure to be removed, or to prosecute the person or persons responsible. 

This makes a mockery of these Councils own Policies, the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement, the Ministry for the Environment’s recently published Guidance on Coastal Hazards for Local authorities, and the relevant law.

For example, TCDC’s recently promulgated Coastal Hazards Policy states in para  4.1.3 – “Council will not authorise private individuals or third parties to undertake emergency works  for or on behalf of Council.”

Also at  para 3.2.4

“Council will require any proposal for coastal hazard actions to provide a risk assessment to determine the potential erosion trend; and an environmental cost-benefit assessment to determine the relative costs and benefits of taking or not taking any action, which are to be undertaken by suitably qualified persons”

What is the point of TCDC going through an extensive public consultation process and formulating its  Coastal Hazards Policy, only to then immediately ignore them?

Between them, the two councils need to sort out whose responsibility it is to require that this unconsented work is removed forthwith, and to prosecute the person or persons responsible under the Resource Management Act, or otherwise, and to seek costs/damages from those responsible.