Climate Smart Councils – Ignorant Council

Mayor Sandra Goudie has proclaimed that Thames Coromandel Council is “leading the way” on climate change.  But a quick comparison with the impressive actions taken by Christchurch City Council (CCC) and many other councils, shows that to be a ridiculous fiction.

Check out the fossil fool attitude of Mayor Goudie and councillors Brljevich, Fox, McLean, Adams and Bartley on climate change, compared to Christchurch City Council (CCC) :-

1. Two students called on CCC to take swift action on climate change “so that we can have a bright future that you had when you were our age”.  CCC immediately agreed to embed climate change thinking into everything they do.  CCC’s existing target of being carbon neutral by 2050 looks likely to be moved forward to 2030.

TCDC heard similar pleas from two Thames high school students. They were patronized and ignored.  No carbon emission reductions projects at all are proposed by TCDC.  You can forget TCDC having a carbon budget and setting reduction targets under the current administration.

2. In Christchurch, younger generations will be heard, with young climate activists being invited to help develop plans.  Public consultation will involve businesses and the community. 

100 Thames students took part in a global School Strike 4 Climate which mobilised 1.5 million teenagers in over 100 countries and two local  students then spoke at the council public forum.   The Mayor, in a display of narcissism worthy of narcissist-in-chief Donald Trump, declared that these actions in an election year were “politically charged and driven” and part of a campaign to unseat her!

 The Mayor also said she would not “waste ratepayers’ money” on asking the community for its views on climate action. 

3.  CCC was presented with a comprehensive plan from expert staff about climate action proposals. 

Mayor Goudie presented her own report without expert planning or legal input which contained spurious “bush lawyer” excuses for inaction.

4.  CCC will set an “ambitious and achievable target” by working with the community – “we cannot do it alone.”

TCDC Mayor and 5 councillors ignored pleas from the community at the last three meetings for everyone to work together on climate action.

5.  The entire CCC meeting was live-streamed and is available on YouTube. 

Mrs Goudie refused to allow filming.

CCC is one of many councils taking action to reduce their own emissions. – e.g. Wellington City Council’s Low Carbon Capital

Climate change is real. It’s us. It’s an emergency. Scientists agree.  Yet in our district we are “lead” by a Mayor, who it seems, has read something on the internet which she believes proves 97% of climate scientists are lying.  Our mayor is trapped in a mental prison of denial and says she “doesn’t know” whether humans are causing climate change.  



I am ashamed of our Mayor and those councillors who voted against strong climate action last week and embarrassed by their ignorance and lack of concern for the future of their constituents, and our children and grandchildren.


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