TCDC’s Climate Denial Foiled By Zero Carbon Bill

We saw appalling climate science denial recently from the Mayor and five councillors of Thames Coromandel District Council when they refused to sign the Climate Leaders Climate Change Declaration and commit the Council to emission reduction actions.  But the new Zero Carbon Bill introduced to Parliament yesterday requires the Minister of Climate Change to prepare and publish sector-specific policies to reduce emissions.  The local authority sector – including Thames-Coromandel District Council will, therefore, be obliged to comply with those policies and reduce their own emissions.


Did TCDC really think they could get away with climate science denial and ignore the imperative for every sector of society – including local authorities – to reduce climate-damaging emissions? The new Zero Carbon Bill introduced to Parliament will bring these TCDC climate deniers to heal, and good job.

Rather than persisting with ignorant intransigent climate science denial, our Council must take urgent and strong action to reduce its own emissions.  The Council needs to follow numerous other local authorities and develop its own climate emission-reduction action plan and show the leadership which local communities desperately need. 

The community has plenty of great examples of how this can be achieved and also save ratepayer’s money and create jobs in the process.  Will the Mayor/Council listen and take climate immediate action, or will they persist with denial and delay and then be forced by central government and the new law to take the urgent action which our children and grandchildren desperately require to inherit a livable planet?