1-in-20 Chance of 2m of Sea Level Rise

Today I gave a presentation to Thames Coromandel District Council about the latest research on sea level rise from the world’s ice sheet experts. These experts say there is a 1 in 20 chance of 2 m of sea level rise by 2100. This is double the figure used in Government guidance for councils in New Zealand of 1m.

Watch here –

The Mayor and some councillors in Thames Coromandel Council must trust the science of human-induced climate change (rather than thinly disguised denial) and take urgent action to reduce Council’s own emissions and declare a climate emergency.

.pdf version of presentation

One thought on “1-in-20 Chance of 2m of Sea Level Rise

  1. Have you seen the article in Papers Past – in the Rodney and Otamatea Times, dated Wednesday, August 14th 1912? Even then they knew that global warming was going to be a problem. Yet the politicians of today still can’t believe it.


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