Thames Privet Control Action Update

Thames privet “activist” Pauline Collins with assistance from the Thames Community Centre Charitable Trust has obtained a comprehensive expert report on privet eradication for Thames.

The Report contains an excellent blueprint as to how to proceed, but significant funding will be required to sustain an ongoing privet control program.

As your Thames-Coromandel representative on the Waikato Regional Council I will make persistent efforts to try and get this privet reduction program up and running.  Please read the report and add your comments below.

Tree privet is an invasive pest plant that is recognised by Waikato Regional Council as a pest plant that is an environmental and public threat.

Pauline is to be congratulated for her perseverance.  Now the Thames community must step up and help this program fly.

3 thoughts on “Thames Privet Control Action Update

  1. Very happy to hear that someone else in our community is taking action to pressure the council to do something about the degradation our of precious land here


    • Thanks for your comments, if you wish to contact me can you leave your number at the Thames
      Community Centre as I don’t have email.


  2. Initiate this nation-wide and I will promote you to Prime Minister!
    Privet has been a lifetime of misery for me.


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