TCDC Can’t Even Say “Climate Change”

The political leadership of TCDC insist that they are not climate change deniers.  When the presentation the Council has given to the public on its proposed Shoreline Management Plans fails to even once mention climate change, what other conclusion are we meant to come to? As for sea level rise you have to get out the magnifying glass to see the words in very fine print on a very small graphic (and mentioned just one other time)

slr tcdc

Meanwhile there is talk of “coastal change” how “the future is uncertain”, “experience of coastal storms has highlighted ongoing risk” and other comfortable sounding euphemisms which failed to mention what’s really going on – accelerating sea level rise and greatly increased risk for our coasts due to — wait for it — Climate Change.

This presentation encapsulates everything that is so wrong with TCDC’s position on climate change (and sea level rise, and coastal hazards)  The Council can’t even bring itself to say these words.  How pathetic!

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