Have Your Say on a New Sustainable Financial System

The New Zealand Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF) is the first project launched by The Aotearoa Circle, recognising the critical role of finance to achieve, and accelerate, the transition to a sustainable economy, and the need for a financial system that is fit for that purpose.  95% of interviewees say the current financial system was not sustainable, equitable, and/or fair.

Read the Interim report here 

Your feedback is welcomed. The feedback survey can be accessed here.

The aim of the project is to produce a Roadmap for Action on how to shift New Zealand to a sustainable financial system – from one which focuses primarily on (often short term) financial wealth creation, to one that supports long-term social, environmental, and economic wellbeing and prosperity for all New Zealanders, protecting natural resources for future generations. At the same time, this will strategically position New Zealand for continued access to international markets.

Dive deep into the issues with this impressive 28 page NZ Herald supplement