Regional Council’s 10-year Strategy – Have Your Say

Waikato Regional Council has released its Draft 10-Year Strategy —    with six broad issues identified.  Have we got this right when it comes to the big things we focus on in the Waikato Region?

  • Water, because water is life.
  • Biodiversity, because protecting nature protects our future.
  • Sustainable infrastructure, because we need to build with nature in mind.
  • Climate, because we want a better tomorrow.
  • Coastal marine, because we can turn the tide.
  • Transport connections, because a connected region matters.
  • 10 years on a page

You can let us know your thoughts by –

  • completing a few simple questions in an online survey or
  • attend a drop in session – Thames 4-6pm on Monday, 24 February 2020, Thames War Memorial Hall, corner of Mary and Queen streets

Check out a full version of the draft strategy here


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