Locky Docks – Free Locking and Charging of Electric Bikes

Locky Docks is a secure locking and charging service for E-bikes and scooters which is totally free to the public.  The service is being rolled out in major cities.  But could it also be suitable for towns like Thames connected to the Hauraki Rail Trail or elsewhere in Thames Coromandel?


This is not a bike share scheme.  Rather it provides totally free secure locking and charging for e-bikes, reduces climate emissions, assists with mental health and well-being and saves E-bike users heaps of cash compared to on road car costs.

Coming to Thames on the rail trail? With a local Locky Dock you could safely lock and charge your bike while you head to a local café or restaurant.

Here’s how it works

This is the Locky Dock Business model


Wayfinding and Storytelling for locals and domestic tourists


Worries about theft, and being able to charge are the two most important considerations for e-bike owners. Locky Docks solves both of those problems. And it’s free to the public so no worries about the cost. Seems like a very elegant solution for smaller towns like Thames, or other places on the rail trail.