Tesla smashes electric vehicle myths

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has issued an Impact Report which smashes many of the myths and misinformation circulating about electric vehicles


EV’s have much lower life-cycle climate emissions than internal combustion vehicles (ICE)

comparison Model 3 with ICE

Tesla EV batteries retain around 90% of their capacity even after driven 320,000 km

battery retention capacity

A Tesla Model 3 has price equivalency with similar ICE vehicles ($US)

price equivalency US

Tesla Model 3 s have the greatest energy efficiency of any EV

energy efficiency comparison

Tesla’s have greater range compared with other EV’s

long range comparison other EVs

Tesla’s have a far superior accident safety record than other vehicles

accident safety

accident safety2

Tesla car batteries are being recycled

battery recycling

Teslas have a far superior fire safety record than ICE vehicles

fire safety

Air quality was much cleaner during the Covid 19 lockdown showing the huge advantage of tailpipe emission free electric vehicles

air quality

2 thoughts on “Tesla smashes electric vehicle myths

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Teslas are a bit out of the price range of most of us though. It will be great when prices drop.


    • Cheaper 1 million mile batteries are not very far away and this will bring price parity with internal combustion engines. Even now when you take the total cost of ownership into account say over five years – electric vehicles – not just Tesla’s are cheaper to own


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