Mostly positive lifestyle trends in Waikato Region

Did you know that among numerous other functions Waikato Regional Council measures 32 environmental, social, cultural and economic indicators?  They show a mostly positive trend.  They will be particularly useful to decision-makers as we measure and guide recovery efforts from Covid 19 in the Waikato.

progress indicators

Overall, the report shows that the people of the Waikato have better quality of life compared to the national average. Waikato has above-average levels of life satisfaction, a high level of social connectedness and community pride, better housing affordability, and a relatively high percentage of te reo Māori speakers

progress indicators3

However, the Waikato is behind the national average on other indicators, including crime, cultural respect, road safety, voter turnout, and gross domestic product (GDP).

progress indicators4

The report noted positive trends over recent years in household income, regional GDP, building activity, educational attainment, crime and people’s perception of safety. It also revealed positive results in council-led activities, including continuous improvement in the region’s air quality and improved road safety.

The report’s author, strategic principal advisor Dr Beat Huser, said the results of the WPI programme provide a robust basis for discussing regional challenges and opportunities and identifying priorities for closer collaboration and partnerships.

More information is available here