Relief for Regional Council Ratepayers Facing Covid 19 Hardship

Back in April when Waikato Regional Council (WRC) was discussing how to assist its ratepayers in the Covid 19 crisis I was keen to see targeted rate relief for ratepayers facing genuine hardship.  I researched the rates relief some other Councils were providing, and suggested WRC needed to provide more generous assistance for those struggling to pay their rates because of the pandemic.

I am therefore delighted that on 17 June, WRC unanimously approving new criteria for additional rates remissions. Ratepayers who qualify for the Department of Internal Affairs’ rates rebate scheme will now also qualify for an additional remission of 10% of WRC rates.


In addition, flexible payment options will be available which help to ease the financial burden to ratepayers.

These rates relief measures are on top of the net zero per cent rates revenue increase this year and the existing rates postponement policy which allows those aged over 65 years to postpone rates payments in relation to their principle place of residence.

Give WRC’s rates team a call on 0800 800 401 to talk through the options that best suit you and see here for more detail on rates relief

Click here  for the rates relief application form to the Department of Internal Affairs