Trial Bus Loop for Whitianga?

Last week I gave a presentation to a public meeting in Whitianga to discuss the potential for a public transport bus loop service within the township.

Some momentum seems to be building in Whitianga for such a service with two possible pathways forward:-

1 funding provided by Mercury Bay ratepayers of approximately $45,000 per annum for one half of the cost (the other half of the cost is subsidised by central government through NZTA). The annual cost per individual Mercury Bay ratepayer would be approximately $5 – $6.

2 a privately funded trial for six months is undertaken which would demonstrate public support for the service

Here are is a comprehensive write up of the public meeting published in the Mercury Bay Informer –

View a copy of the full presentation here –

One thought on “Trial Bus Loop for Whitianga?

  1. Good on Denis, thanks so much for doing this. Even for those of us who wouldn’t use it, it would provide benefits of reduced greenhouse gases and reduced pollution. It is the social connectedness that matters most. Thanks for your work.


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