Waikato Regional Council “Emphatically” Supports Covid Vaccination

Today Waikato Regional Council passed a resolution ‘emphatically’ supporting the Covid 19 vaccine programme and recommended that staff, all elected members and the public be vaccinated.  There was only one vote in opposition from Cr Kathy White – representing Taupo.

I proposed this motion because I strongly believe Waikato Regional Council should be showing leadership in the community to encourage Covid 19 vaccination

While WRC has been commendably informally staff to be vaccinated, allowing time off and providing information as governors councillors have not formally gotten in behind and expressed our support for the vaccination rollout.  It was vital that we do that.

We all know that the key to moving out of lockdowns for Hamilton and the wider Waikato and keeping our communities safe is to get vaccination rates to at least 90% – preferably much higher.

With one very regrettable recent exception from Thames Coromandel Mayor Sandra Goudie, local government leaders have universally been strongly in support of the vaccination effort.  It was very pleasing to have WRC join those calls and express almost unanimous support for the vaccination program.

The resolution stated ;

Council emphatically supports the government’s Covid 19 vaccination programme and recommends that all elected members staff and the public, whether it is mandated or not, be vaccinated consistent with the Ministry of Health’s advice unless there are valid health reasons for an exemption.

Denis Tegg

Thames Coromandel Representative on Waikato Regional Council