Coromandel Kiwi and Other Endangered Species Projects Get Big Funding Boost from Waikato Regional Council

Two Thames Coromandel community projects working hard to protect kiwi and other endangered species have received large funding grants from Waikato Regional Council’s Natural Heritage Fund.  This follows the recent grant of $200,000 from the council’s fund for the New Chums Beach purchase.

Thames Coast Kiwi Care Inc has been granted $270,000 over 4 years for predator traps and a paid coordinator.

“The Thames Coast Kiwi Care group has shown amazing perseverance and received huge community support over 16 years, and they have a large volunteer base.   This commitment is reflected in the 15% annualised increase in kiwi numbers – an outstanding result in comparison to a 2% national decline and 4% increase across the Coromandel in the kiwi population.”, said Thames-Coromandel representative on the Waikato Regional Council, Denis Tegg.

“The group’s persistent predator control programme has helped the local kiwi population on the Thames Coast increase from an estimate of 28 birds in 2006 to an estimate of approximately 250 kiwi in 2021,” said Cr Tegg.  “Without the Thames Coast project, the local kiwi population would almost certainly have disappeared.”

The Mahakirau Forest Estate Society Inc. located on the 309 Road will receive $210,000 over four years.  

“This project centres on predator control and the prevention of biodiversity loss of three of New Zealand’s most endangered species, each now only found in the Waikato region,” Cr Tegg said.:

“Archey’s frog – the most evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered amphibian in the world.

Northern Striped Gecko – only found on the Coromandel Peninsula, with more than 80% of sightings at Mahakirau;

Helm’s Butterfly – said to be the butterfly most likely to be the next extinction in New Zealand.”

“Again, a worthy recipient of funding from Waikato Regional Council.” 

“I am so thrilled these local projects have been recognised for the outstanding work they do”

Denis Tegg     

Thames-Coromandel representative on the Waikato Regional Council