Three More Thames Coromandel Restoration Groups Receive Waikato Regional Council Funding

New funding grants have been made by Waikato Regional Council to three more Thames Coromandel volunteer pest trapping, restoration, and dune care groups, to add to the  $ 2 million already granted by the council to other volunteer groups in the last three years.

Habitat Tuateawa  is an incorporated society operating on land north of Kennedy Bay. The group will receive funding to help the excellent work it does to service 87 bait stations in the subdivision, plus 186 bait stations on 16 lines and 309 traps in the bush area.

Kūaotunu Dune Care Group Inc. works to restore the coastal dunes along the seaward margin of Kūaotunu east and west. This application is to fund a pest plant control contractor and native plants for the first phase of dune restoration.

KDCGI is an entirely voluntary group and comprises 28 subscribed members and approximately 40 active volunteers. The group meets monthly to weed, plant and assess the dune areas for further restoration planning, attracting people from their pool of volunteers with long weekends encouraging further participation also from non-resident bach owners.

The Te Moata Charitable Trust runs a retreat centre on 344 hectares of regenerating native bush near Tairua. This application is to fund the control of wilding pines on the property by a contractor.

The entire area is regionally significant, providing a sequence of regenerating forest, streams and small wetlands from semi-coastal species into the lowland forest zone. It is the largest contiguous area of privately protected land in the Tairua Ecological District, contiguous with public conservation land and other QEII covenants.

Denis Tegg Thames Coromandel Representative on Waikato Regional Council

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