Environmental advocates sought for Waikato Regional Council Advisory Committee (ACRE)  

Nominations are being sought for The Advisory Committee for the Regional Environment (ACRE).  ACRE is an advisory/consultative group of up to 15 members who sometimes attend Waikato Regional Council meetings, and liaise with staff and councillors and make submissions on the council’s environmental policies and plans.Read More »

Regional Council Monitors Air Quality – Thames’ Air Still Mostly Fresh!

Did you know Waikato Regional Council monitors air quality around the region including in Thames?  The good news is that under current standards Thames has “good” air quality (0– 33% of the guideline) for around 86% of the time and in recent measurements has never exceeded the National Environmental Standard of 50 micrograms per cubic metre of air (µg/m3)Read More »

Another Reason Privet Has to Go – Increased Fire Risk

Congratulations to local “passionate” resident Pauline Collins and her efforts to remove the invasive privet tree within Thames town and the surrounding hills.  She deserves all the help we can give her, for the well-known reasons that privet crowds out native trees and also because of the significant adverse health impacts.


But there is another great reason to remove privet which has been overlooked.  Privet increases fire risk compared to many other tree and shrub species. Read More »