Regional Coastal Plan. Thames Coromandel Drop-In Sessions Near You

Waikato Regional Council is reviewing the Regional Coastal Plan and is keen to capture your views and feedback. This plan sets out the rules for activities in the coastal marine area – that’s the ‘wet’ area of the coast below the high tide mark and extending out to the 12 nautical mile limit (approximately 20km).

Check out the issues which have been identified for review in a handy PDF document here. What are your views? What has been missed?

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Catastrophic Global Security Risks with Global Heating – Report

An often overlooked impact of global heating is the threat to our national security.  A new report from national security professionals in the United States concludes that even at scenarios of low heating, every region in the world – including New Zealand and Australia – will face severe risks to national and global security in the next three decades.Read More »

Finally Some Action on Thames/Coast Coastal Hazards

Over 20 years ago when Moanataiari severely flooded in the 1990’s we all knew that coastal flooding was a serious issue for Thames/Coast.  Three years ago, after discovering Thames was one of the most at risk towns/cities in New Zealand from sea level rise and coastal flooding, I started pressuring TCDC to take urgent action.  For ages it seemed no one took these threats seriously.  The January 2018 storm surge was a huge wake up call.Read More »