More Fish and Clean Water!  Amazing Project to Re-Mussel the Firth of Thames. 

What if we could re-mussel the bed of the Firth of Thames to provide a habitat for juvenile fish and larger species like snapper, to filter nasties out of the water and reduce sediment?   Leading to our grandchildren and their children experiencing the kind of biodiversity and abundance our grandparents enjoyed. That is what the Revive Our Gulf project aims to do.

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Care about Thames Coromandel freshwater? Now is your chance to have a say.

Waikato Regional Council is holding one-day water workshops in Whitianga on 1 July and Paeroa on 4 July. We want to know what you value most about freshwater, how you want it to look in the future, and how it can be managed so that our rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands can be enjoyed for generations to come.

“The one-day water workshops are being held before the council makes changes to its Waikato Regional Policy Statement and Waikato Regional Plan, to bring them into line with new central government directions”, said Denis Tegg Thames Coromandel representative on the Waikato Regional Council.

“There have been quite significant changes made to the laws relating to freshwater management. So this is your chance to find out about these new directions for freshwater planning and how they might influence you and your local waterways. There will also be an opportunity to share information about the state of waterways in your area, and to seek the best solutions on how freshwater should be managed”, said Cr Tegg

For more information please call 0800 800 401 or email –

Registration for the workshops is required. Please signup at–policy–review

Denis Tegg

Thames Coromandel representative on Waikato Regional Council

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Coromandel Kiwi and Other Endangered Species Projects Get Big Funding Boost from Waikato Regional Council

Two Thames Coromandel community projects working hard to protect kiwi and other endangered species have received large funding grants from Waikato Regional Council’s Natural Heritage Fund.  This follows the recent grant of $200,000 from the council’s fund for the New Chums Beach purchase.

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