Sustainable Homes Loans for Waikato Ratepayers?

My proposal that Waikato Regional Council commence a sustainable home loan scheme will soon go out for public consultation. Low interest loans to targeted ratepayers who opt in to the scheme would be repaid monthly over 10 years through rates.  The loans can be used to for insulation, heating, ventilation, double-glazing, solar power/batteries, water tanks and upgrading septic tanks. The programme is designed to be cost-neutral and run at no cost to general ratepayers.

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TCDC Can’t Even Say “Climate Change”

The political leadership of TCDC insist that they are not climate change deniers.  When the presentation the Council has given to the public on its proposed Shoreline Management Plans fails to even once mention climate change, what other conclusion are we meant to come to? As for sea level rise you have to get out the magnifying glass to see the words in very fine print on a very small graphic (and mentioned just one other time)Read More »

Our Towns Deserve Better Public Transport

We are not well served with public transport in Thames-Coromandel.  This needs to change.  As your representative I’ll be pushing hard for our District to receive a much greater share of public transport funding from Regional Council.

I have a track record of achievement on public transport.  The very popular Thames public bus service was my brainchild.  As a private citizen, I initiated the plan, carried out the detailed research and made a persuasive case.  I worked cooperatively with the Thames Community Board, TCDC, Waikato Regional Council, and the New Zealand Transport Authority and made it happen.

The Thames bus service has made a huge difference to the well-being of hundreds of Thames residents – particularly  our elderly residents.

We must repeat that success elsewhere.  We need similar public transport services within peninsula towns, between our small towns and strong links to nearby cities.

Regional Council spends $31 million – 21% of its budget –- on public transport, but almost all of it is spent in Hamilton.  Thames-Coromandel receives a pittance.  I will vigorously push to change that because people living in our towns are equally deserving of good public transport services as those living in cities.

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