Waihi Gold Mining is “Inherently Unsustainable” – Minister

 At Last, a Government Minister Tells the Truth About Gold Mining

Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Ltd has been refused consent under the Overseas Investment Act to buy land to expand its Waihi gold mines. Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage says expansion of gold mining at Waihi is inherently unsustainable, poses potentially large environmental and economic risks should tailings reservoirs fail, will increase climate-damaging emissions, and will provide only moderate employment benefits.Read More »

TCDC’s Mangrove Management Bill Gutted By Parliament Select Committee

Parliament’s Governance and Administration Select Committee has given a huge rebuff to TCDC’s proposals for a local Mangrove Management Bill.  The amendments proposed by the Select Committee effectively make the Bill a “toothless tiger”. TCDC’s aim to get wider powers to rip out mangroves willy-nilly has been thwarted.  Read More »

Mangrove Bill Not “Supported”

The Thames Coromandel District Council had their spin machine working overtime when it announced in a misleading press release that the Council’s Mangrove Management Bill was “supported by all the parties, apart from the Greens”.

Often, a majority of Members of Parliament vote for even really stupid Local Bills like this one at the First Reading so that the Bill can to be sent to the to the Select Committee and public submissions can be heard.  

That First Reading vote does mean that those same members “support” the Bill.  All they are doing in voting for a First Reading is to ensure that the public gets a say at the Select Committee.  Read More »

Labour/Greens Coromandel Mining Ban

Labour/Greens agree to protect Southern Coromandel from mining

2petitionLast week a petition with 4,500 signatures was presented to Parliament.  The petition called on the Government to extend “Schedule 4” protection from mining to conservation land and beaches in the southern part of the Coromandel.   Previous election policies for both Labour and the Greens have included this commitment, but the National Party has always been opposed.  Read More »