Flooding and Mercury – a Toxic Mix For Coromandel Harbour Project

Government Minister Shane Jones recently announced government funding for a feasibility study into improved wharf and harbour facilities at Coromandel town as part of the Provincial Growth Fund initiative. But sea level rise flooding of land beside the wharf/harbour has not been properly considered, and a series of previous studies showing high concentrations of mercury and arsenic toxins in the mud suggest the project should not proceed. 

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UK Climate Coastal Plans “Hopelessly Over-Optimistic” – Lessons For Thames Coromandel

Thames Coromandel Council has issued a press release on their first steps to develop local shoreline management plans.   This is positive news but is tempered by an October 2018 report from the U.K.’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC).  This UK report reveals major failings in similar UK coastal adaptation plans.  They are hopelessly optimistic and have not been adequately funded. It will be uneconomic to defend 30% of the UK coastline. Thames Coromandel has much to learn from this report.Read More »

Sea Level Rise – Will My Property Be Flooded?

How to Use Online Sea-Flooding Mapping Tool For Thames-Coromandel

What is the Coastal Inundation Tool?

The Waikato Regional Council has provided a very useful online sea-flooding / inundation tool on its website.  The purpose of this tool is to see what low lying coastal areas in Thames -Coromandel may be subject to inundation (sea flooding) from tides, storms and projected sea level rise. The tool uses a “Google maps” type system allowing the user to zoom in on a property, suburb or town and view various sea level rise and storm tide scenarios.Read More »