Judy Lawrence – Climate Change Adaptation. We Are Not Ready

Judy Lawrence is one of the foremost experts and advisers to the Government on climate change adaptation.  She has written a wonderful opinion piece for Spinoff. I’m going to quote from her article at some length because she takes up many of the themes I have been writing about – just more succinctly and expertly.  You can read the full version hereRead More »

A Waterfront Park for Thames?

Should nature shape the coast rather than seawalls as seas rise?

Could working with nature rather than fighting it may be the best response to sea level rise for areas near Thames and for other communities? The foreshore between Kopu and Rhodes Park, Thames appears to be an ideal place to gradually allow the sea to encroach naturally, create a wetland and possibly a waterfront park for Thames?  The foreshore of the Hauraki Plains is another area where nature may be left to take its course?Read More »

Local Government NZ Rubbishes Comments by Thames-Coromandel Mayor on Climate Change Declaration

Climate Change Declaration ‘not a binding contract’

In a Radio New Zealand interview this morning the president of Local Government New Zealand, David Cull, rubbished the Thames-Coromandel Mayor Sandra Goudie’s statements yesterday that the campaign for Council to sign the climate change declaration was “politically charged and driven” and that it committed ratepayers to excessive spending.Read More »

Current Methods May Underestimate Thames’ Sea Level Rise – Study

But New Method Accurately Measures Shallow Land Subsidence

In previous posts I have highlighted how land subsidence in the Lower Firth of Thames, and along the Thames foreshore significantly increases the risk of sea level rise.  The subsidence rate has to be ADDED to the sea level rise rate.  I also posted how a recent study in San Francisco Bay calculated that the areas which could be flooded from the sea could be doubled when land subsidence is taken into account.

A new study suggests that sea level tidal gauges do not properly account for land subsidence, severely underestimating the amount of sea level rise in coastal areas like Thames and the Hauraki Plains. Read More »