Regional Council Seeks Your Help to Protect Our Coromandel Hauraki Waterways

Waikato Regional Council would like your help as it reviews its plans, policies and rules around what you do on land to help protect waterways. The Council is inviting expressions of interest from community members who are interested in being part of Citizens Reference Groups, including Groups focused on the Coromandel and Hauraki. 

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TCDC Can’t Even Say “Climate Change”

The political leadership of TCDC insist that they are not climate change deniers.  When the presentation the Council has given to the public on its proposed Shoreline Management Plans fails to even once mention climate change, what other conclusion are we meant to come to? As for sea level rise you have to get out the magnifying glass to see the words in very fine print on a very small graphic (and mentioned just one other time)Read More »

Thames-Coromandel in Top Ten for Coastal Flood Risk

Last month NIWA published a study of coastal flooding risk.  This has confirmed that Thames-Coromandel District is the 8th most at risk territorial authority in New Zealand, including all major cities.

As your new representative for TCDC on the Waikato Regional Council I will be continuing my sustained campaign as a private citizen for urgent action to map and plan for coastal flooding. Residents are entitled to be properly informed of the risks to their properties and communities and to be involved in how we must adapt.Read More »

Latest NIWA Report Confirms High Local Sea Flood Risk

Two years ago I wrote an article about a  NIWA report which confirmed that Thames was in the top 10 of the most at risk towns and cities in New Zealand from sea level rise.

TCDC had received this report two years earlier in 2015 but has kept it secret and has made no effort – even 4 years later – to inform residents of Thames, or other high-risk peninsula coastal communities of the high level of risk many face.

Now, an even more accurate assessment of the risk of sealevel rise has just been published by NIWA which comes to the same conclusion –Read More »