Coastal Flooding Simulator to include Hauraki Plains

Since 2016, Waikato Regional Councils’s excellent coastal flooding simulator has shown present and potential future flooding due to sea level rise around the Coromandel Peninsula.  Next month the coastline of the Hauraki Plains between Kaiaua and Kopu will be added to the simulator allowing more accurate assessment of coastal flood risk.  Many people will be shocked at the potential extent of coastal flooding due to sea level riseRead More »

Sea Level Rise Study to Focus on Thames

Prof Tim Naish is one of New Zealand’s foremost climate scientists.  He and Richard Levy of GNS Science co-lead a $7 million research program called NZSeaRise.  They visited Thames recently to assess sea level rise projections for the township.  Prof Naish confirmed that when land subsidence on the foreshore is added, parts of Thames have a very high local sea level rise rate of 14mm per year.  The NZSeaRise research will, therefore, focus on Thames (and the Hauraki Plains) because of the acute risks these areas face from rising seas.

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TCDC and Other Councils May be Sued for Inaction over Climate Change

Local Government New Zealand Releases Legal Opinion from QC

Ratepayers may face hefty legal bills

Local blogger Bill Barclay had the initial “scoop” about an LGNZ legal opinion from a QC which says it’s only a matter of time before local councils will be sued for inaction on climate change.  This story has now been picked up by the Newsroom media website and environment reporter Eloise Gibson.Read More »