Current Methods May Underestimate Thames’ Sea Level Rise – Study

But New Method Accurately Measures Shallow Land Subsidence

In previous posts I have highlighted how land subsidence in the Lower Firth of Thames, and along the Thames foreshore significantly increases the risk of sea level rise.  The subsidence rate has to be ADDED to the sea level rise rate.  I also posted how a recent study in San Francisco Bay calculated that the areas which could be flooded from the sea could be doubled when land subsidence is taken into account.

A new study suggests that sea level tidal gauges do not properly account for land subsidence, severely underestimating the amount of sea level rise in coastal areas like Thames and the Hauraki Plains. Read More »

Second Massive Mine Tailings Dam Collapse in 3 Years

Brazil’s Worst Environmental Disaster and over 300 Dead

For the second time in three years, a mine tailings dam in Brazil holding millions of tons of mud and sludge has collapsed cascading its toxic contents into local towns, killing scores of people and devastating the local environment. The Waihi and nearby Waitekauri mining companies say their tailings dam are safe but might they too collapse in a large earthquake?Read More »

UK Climate Coastal Plans “Hopelessly Over-Optimistic” – Lessons For Thames Coromandel

Thames Coromandel Council has issued a press release on their first steps to develop local shoreline management plans.   This is positive news but is tempered by an October 2018 report from the U.K.’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC).  This UK report reveals major failings in similar UK coastal adaptation plans.  They are hopelessly optimistic and have not been adequately funded. It will be uneconomic to defend 30% of the UK coastline. Thames Coromandel has much to learn from this report.Read More »

Dunedin Leads On Community Climate Consultation

Thames Coromandel Needs To Catch Up – Fast

South Dunedin is at the forefront of community efforts to adapt to sea level rise – particularly from groundwater flooding.  For several years strong efforts have been made by the City Council to engage with the local community, to make sure they are fully informed of the risks, and to work out community adaptation plans.  In Thames-Coromandel we have a lot to learn from their efforts.Read More »