Thames-Coromandel/Hauraki landowners receive numerous grants from Waikato Regional Council to improve the environment

Waikato Regional Council has made numerous small-scale grants to Thames-Coromandel/Hauraki landowners and community groups under its Small Scale Community Initiatives Fund. Local landowners and groups from Kararagahake, to Tairua, Mercury Bay, Thames, Te Kouma, and Coromandel have received almost $50,000 to carry out pest trapping and other restoration work. The average grant is in the vicinity of $4000. Once again, local groups have been recognised for their exceptional volunteer work to improve the environment, receiving nearly 1/3 of the total number of grants made throughout the Waikato region.

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Have You Voted Yet ? It’s Not Too Late

And Vote Denis Tegg for Regional Council.

Post your voting papers by Tuesday 4 October or hand deliver them to a TCDC council office by midday 8 October.  No voting papers or not enrolled?  You can still cast a special vote.  Contact a TCDC office or phone 0800 367656. And choose your Waikato Regional Council representative wisely. Vote for Denis Tegg. He is across all the big issues and gets stuff done.

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Regional Council Candidate Retracts Bogus Fishing Claims

In a humiliating climb-down, Warren Maher has finally retracted wrong claims he made repeatedly during the election campaign that Waikato Regional Council plans to close large areas of the Coromandel coast to recreational fishing. These bogus claims (now retracted) have been the centrepiece of Mr Maher’s campaign to be elected as the Thames-Coromandel representative on the Waikato Regional Council.

As recently as last week in an address to the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club, Mr Maher said: “the Regional Council had planned for two years to close off large areas of the coast” to recreational fishers. 

He has now retracted that statement in an interview with the Hauraki Coromandel Post (page 12), saying “they (the council) haven’t stated it”.

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My 2-Minute Address to a Thames Election Meeting

Here is a recording of my 2-minute address to the Thames Business Association Election Meeting and answers to a few questions. Scroll down to listen to a radio message and read/download my election brochure.

Listen to my latest 60-second radio advert on More FM

For more on my campaign to be re-elected as Thames Coromandel Representative on Waikato Regional Council click here

To read my election brochure – click here

or to download a copy ….

Please vote – it’s not too late.    Post your voting papers by Monday 3 October or hand deliver them to a TCDC council office by midday 8 October. 

No voting papers ?  You can still cast a special vote.  Contact a TCDC office or phone 0800 367656

Drive to Pokeno, Take the Train to Auckland?

Waikato Regional Council will investigate extending the Auckland passenger rail network to Pōkeno. This will open up the option for people in Thames Coromandel and Hauraki to drive to Pōkeno and take a relaxing train ride to central Auckland or a connection to the airport. The option to avoid stress and traffic congestion, lower emissions and save on parking fees will appeal to many.

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